Disruptive social entrepreneurship

The George Institute is driving impact through disruptive entrepreneurship.

We aim to challenge the status quo by fast-tracking the development of innovative and affordable solutions that address our biggest health challenges, and reach underserved populations globally by harnessing the power of the private sector.

Through disruptive social entrepreneurship, a strategic priority of The George Institute, we are translating research into practice by developing innovative, evidence-based healthcare solutions that are designed to address unmet global health needs. We are making these solutions accessible to those who need them most, and in doing so, fundamentally changing the way health care is delivered.

That’s why we created Genovate – a social entrepreneurship program – to facilitate the translation of research, through innovative, affordable, evidence-based solutions to the world’s biggest health problems.



What we do:

At Genovate, we work with our researchers to identify and understand the biggest unmet global health needs, and with our partners, to facilitate the commercialisation process.

Our goal is to harness the power of the private sector and turn innovative healthcare solutions into successful social enterprises – to increase the scale and sustainability of our research, and have the greatest impact on health outcomes and health systems globally.

We leverage The George Institute’s international network of experts and collaborators to identify and develop solutions to unmet global health needs. We also partner with others to create solutions with lasting impact on health outcomes.

Through training, leadership and mentoring programs Genovate is expanding on the strong culture of innovation at The George Institute. By building on this foundation and developing entrepreneurial skills in our people, we are creating an environment where new ideas flourish and translation of research through entrepreneurship is a focus.

Genovate is dedicated to creating new partnerships between The George Institute and bright minds in health technology. We partner with innovators, from healthcare providers, software developers and engineers, to start-ups and business people. Together we will create and commercialise new solutions and med tech ideas that will improve patient outcomes worldwide.

Genovate is working with our partners and George Health to create a clear commercialisation path from problem, to solution, to market success. We provide the tools and support to move new healthcare solutions along this path.

Health 10x program

We are leveraging our global health expertise to support others in their pursuit of disruptive social entrepreneurship. We have partnered with UNSW Sydney to deliver Health 10x – an accelerator program for start-ups whose product or service addresses unmet health needs in underserved markets.

Health10x combines UNSW Sydney’s expertise in accelerating business growth with The George Institute’s global health insights, to support new start-ups to develop health solutions with impact.


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