George Health

George Health

George Health (GH) is our commercial arm and a healthcare company with a unique vision - an innovative business with global impact that develops effective, affordable treatments and technologies that better treat and manage serious, chronic medical conditions. We work in established markets such as Australia, Europe, and the US and emerging ones such as India and China.

Chronic diseases are the leading causes of death globally. The world is facing a pandemic of chronic diseases such as heart and respiratory diseases, stroke, and cancer. Over 40 million people die from these causes each year, many under 70 years. The human and financial costs are enormous – the four leading chronic diseases were estimated to have cost more than $6 trillion globally in 2010. This burden is projected to rise, and the costs to increase to $30 trillion over the next 20 years.

There is increasing demand for new treatments and ways to manage chronic disease, driven by a growing ageing population and lack of access to appropriate medical treatments and services globally. To meet this need, GH has four complementary businesses that are poised for significant growth – George Clinical, George Medicines, George Health Technologies, and Ellen Medical Devices. These businesses are integrated in a way that enables innovative health products and services to be taken all the way from concept to market, in a relatively short time frame. This capability is usually only available within big pharma or medical technology companies.

GH has exclusive commercial rights to all intellectual property of The George, as well as exclusive access to expertise and global networks of the Institute. The Institute’s focus on late stage clinical research means that medicines and technologies are proven before GH commercialises, resulting in a much higher probability of success rate than is usual in the industry.

An experienced management team leads GH with a long industry track record in drug development and commercialisation, biotechnology, healthcare delivery and venture capital investment in established and emerging markets. Coupled with the global scientific leadership of The George Institute, our business has potential for real social and economic impact.

“We are a unique business – with a vision to provide affordable, sustainable solutions that help populations have equal access to healthcare irrespective of their location or economic situation. This is not only socially responsible, it is the foundation of a robust business opportunity.” Staph Leavenworth-Bakali, President and CEO, George Health

George Health consists of four businesses:

1. George Clinical

2. George Medicines

George Medicines is focused on developing novel, high-quality drug treatments that are affordable, safe and effective. The need for new medicines is vital as over 50% of people worldwide are not receiving adequate care for chronic disease because they cannot afford or access it.  

There are around 2 billion people globally with one or more cardiometabolic diseases. Hypertension is the most common, followed by diabetes. Another half billion have established coronary, cerebrovascular, renovascular or peripheral vascular disease. Three quarters of these patients live in emerging markets in East and South Asia, Central Asia (including Russia), South America, South Africa and the Middle East.

By the end of the decade, global sales for all cardiometabolic drugs will exceed $200 billion. Over the same period, the global market for anti-hypertensive drugs alone will exceed $40 billion annually, while the market for diabetes drugs will surpass this, reaching more than $70 billion annually.  

George Medicines is developing a series of affordable high-quality novel drug formulations proven by research at The George Institute. Using the infrastructure of George Clinical and the scientific expertise of the Institute, George Medicines can move quickly into late-stage drug development (rather than early high-risk stages of drug discovery and development). Our first product is a combination medication, for patients with a history of coronary, cerebrovascular, or peripheral vascular diseases. A multi-million investment in the development of this product was secured in Australia from our partner, the global health insurer, BUPA, under the name SmartGenRx. George Medicines has a pipeline of several other products, some of which have patents pending. 

3. George Health Technologies

George Health Technologies is developing a Digital Clinical Intelligence (DCI) system that has been proven to improve the treatment of patients at high risk of cardiovascular disease in Australia and in emerging market settings.

Many patients have co-existing chronic diseases and find it hard to adhere to their treatment long-term, particularly with multiple drugs. In resource-poor settings, these problems are compounded by limited access to physicians, limited skills of other healthcare providers, limited drug options and the added complexity of having infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS.

DCI is a disease management system developed by physicians and researchers at The George Institute. This innovative digital health solution generates real-time, state-of-the-art personalised treatment plans for cardiovascular disease; and generates and monitors personalised care plans based on approved clinical guidelines and the best available scientific evidence. 

We are also looking at opportunities to expand DCI to manage other common chronic conditions such as respiratory disease and depression. DCI is currently being commercially scaled in Australia, China and India. Interest has also been expressed in using an extended version of the system to manage patients with HIV who suffer accelerated cardiometabolic complications, due in part to side effects of antiretroviral therapy.

4. Ellen Medical Devices